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I have a new hobby working with a wood lathe creating hand crafted conducting batons and other wood or acrylic creations. Check out the new page.

Looking for a handcafted conducting baton? Check out www.dbatons.com or

I am a piano technician who specializes in home piano tuning and repair as well as concert level work in Willmar, Minnesota and surrounding area.



Coronavirus News

I am doing residential tunings again now. If anyone in your home is sick please let me know.

I've been in the piano service business since 1966 when I finished technical and tuning training under instructor Cliff Johnson at the McPhail School of Music in Minneapolis.  My current responsibilities include maintenance of many pianos in schools, churches and concert halls in the Willmar area.  Willmar is located in south central Minnesota about 100 miles west of Minneapolis on highway 12.

I also offer keytop replacement, Piano Lifesaver (Dampp Chaser) installation, and most rebuilding projects.
If I can answer any of your piano-related questions or help make your piano play and sound better please contact me at: Dennis@DennisBenson.com


I live in Willmar, Minnesota and have developed many websites which help companies and non-profits develop a web presence. I'm not currently looking for more web site work.

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Kandiyohi County Fair

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The Kandiyohi County Fair web site get a lot of hits as August comes around each year. The site is Mobile Friendly.

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Prairie Woods Environmental LC


I've been involved in photography since high school. Back then, I was shooting with film and developing my photographs in my own dark room. I switched to digital several years ago and have not looked back.Northern Lights

I love to capture those magic moments whether it involves weddings, senior portraits, photo journalism, family portraits, or sports. For me it's the fun of the hunt for that perfect picture. Sharing the captured photos with people is a joy.

I own a Nikon D500 Digital DSLR and a Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera and have taken photos of weddings, seniors, families, sporting events, theatre production shots, product photos, web site photos, and many events.

To see some of my photos follow this link.