Piano Service, Web Design, and Photography Services
located in Willmar, Minnesota

I am a Piano Technicians Guild member who specializes in home piano tuning and repair as well as concert level work. in Willmar, Minnesota and surrounding area.

If I can answer any of your piano-related questions or help make your piano play and sound better please contact me at: Dennis@DennisBenson.com

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A properly tuned piano is essential for good musicianship. Students of any age will be greatly at a disadvantage in their studies if their piano is not kept in tune. They will notice the difference between their piano and their teacher's piano, and it will confuse them. It will also interfere with ear training. Worst of all, you may become accustomed to the sound of an out-of-tune piano, so that the sound of a good piano, in concert or recording, may sound strange. One thing is certain: it will be impossible for your children to progress far in their studies if they have to practice on a poor instrument, or even a good instrument if it is not in tune.

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I can help you design a web site that will reflect you or your business in an appealing way. I can supply you with hosting, email, updates, same day changes and digital photography.

I live in Willmar, Minnesota but the beauty of web design is that helping companies develop a web presence isn't limited to my area or state.

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Joe Schmit from KSTP TV is a sought after speaker and author of a new book called Silent Impact.

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I've been involved in photography since high school. Back then, I was shooting with film and developing my photographs in my own dark room. I switched to digital several years ago and have not looked back.

I love to capture those magic moments whether it involves weddings, senior portraits, photo journalism, family portraits, or sports. For me it's the fun of the hunt for that perfect picture. Sharing the captured photos with people is a joy.

I own a Nikon D300 Digital SLR and have taken photos of weddings, seniors, families, sporting events, theatre production shots, product photos, web site photos, and other events.

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