DB Wood and Acrylic Creations

Welcome to my new hobby of hand crafted wood and acrylic products.

I specialize in hand crafted conducting batons. They are made of the finest woods and acrylic, have either wood or fiberglass shafts, and are carefully balanced for comfortable and expressive conducting styles.

The other wood and acrylic products are done on my Jet lathe. and finished with a beautiful sheen.

If you're interested in anything email me at dennis@dennisbenson.com

To order a baton see www.dbatons.com


matching pen and letter opener

ice cream scoop and pizza/pie server

seam pressers and seam rippers

salt and pepper shakers

security whistle and key chain

wine/bottle stoppers

size 8 knitting needles

tooth pick holders

coffee scoops

wood and acrylic pens

ball toss toy

cherry burl bowls

crochet set with common handle


wooden kazoos, top, pens, and letter opener

marshmello skewers

measuring spoons

pedistal bowl

pizza cutter, rocket, goblet, strawberry pen

salt and pepper grindeers